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wiring gauge required.


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whats the ideal gauge of wire Ill need to make my foglight wiring loom.


(before any "helpful" person assumes Ive simply misplaced the OEM plug......really...... I aint that stupid)


my motor was originally what you could call "beyond a base model" it DEFINETLY doesnt have any of the loom requirements for foglight and Im quite capable of putting one together myself (without using one of the terrible qaulity kits you get off Egay).


all I need is educated suggestions on what gauge wireing I should use (for my own peace of mind)


cheers in advance :cheers:

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for some strange reason 14 comes to mind



thats the gauge I had in mind myself, circuit shouldnt see anywhere beyond 13amps and would be fused @15amps anyway so I had thought 14 would be about right however a earlier Egay kit running 14 happily melted itself after the first 2 uses (hence my distrust of kit shite), I did suspect the qaulity of wiring but would rather do it myself this time round.


can anyone confirm the gauge for me?

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