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Anyone know what plastic arches will fit on the back of an escort. Like the fiesta si mk3 plastic arch extensions. I know cylones do but there not very common/cheap lol


I assume you mean the Xr2 fester arch extensions?


If thats the case then no they wont straight fit, not without some modification (enough so as to make it more a chore than worth)


Ive been playing around with designing and producing some mk5/mk5b &mk6 arch extensions with some vacuum forming, I did a few things way back when I first had the cavilier 4x4 turbo and pretty much got the methods required down.


I was gonna wait till after xmas before starting on it tho.

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Well don't wait, get a move on :P



Im affraid its something Ill be taking my time with, starting with simple flares then Ill build a larger vacuum rig to accomodate full arch spans and greater depths.


Like I said, I did alot of interior and a couple of exterior forms on my old Cav and Id got to a point were I was impressing myself with some of the stuff I was creating on my own hand built rig, unfortunetly the old rig just wasnt made to cope with more depth than 1 1/2" and a size greater than 12".


I have to build a new bigger vacuum rig (and possibly the use of a aircon compressor for the vacuum side) before I even start making prototype shapes for moldings.

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