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2ltr ecu fitted today


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Well I have been running my totaly rebult 2ltr escort for around 3 weeks now, I have onley covered 419 miles since I have fitted it, then I got a hold of a DESK ecu on monday, well I think it was, lol.

I have been busy with work all week since I got the ecu, so couldent do anything with it as my car was parked up at work.

I got my car back today and set about fitting the ecu, after reeding a guid about how to fit it about 5 times i felt confident. (well who wouldnt)

First of all I took note of all the pins (wires) that needed moved onto a strip of stickers like this


I thought that it would be easy to do this, well, to be honnest, it is really figitey trying to get all the pins out of the plug, the best tool for the job was a large paper clip. Yes I said paper clip. the pic set that I have was too chunkey to fit down the plug to release the pins, and I didnt have a really thin screwdriver (so I got a strong paper clip). When I took the pins out I wraped the stickers marked with the orignal pin position roound the wire, like a tab like this.


there is about 9 or 10 pins in total to change about, Once you have all the pins out you will be left with this


I only had 9pins to change around.

You dont have much room to push the pins back into ther new position due to all the other wires, but after a fag break I got them in remembering to do the new earth for the starter and taping the pats wire(s) out the way.

Once all the wires were put back in their new positions, it was time to plug it back in.


it is time to start it up.

Ya beauty, it worked!!!

I tided up then took it out a spin, I was surprised at how different the drive was compeared to the 1.8 ecu, it was more smoth when changing gears and also when sitting in 5th going up a steepish incline @30 usualy the car would get there, all be it with a struggle and slowly gain speed, but now she gains speed no problem at all. Alltho its now cot the right ecu i dont really notice any difference in the acceleration on flat roads as to the 18 ecu. All in all im really pleased with the motor now, just need to get my big brakes fitted so I can stop, well I think that would be a good idae anaway, lol.

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Im running the 2ltr maf and injectors


Cool. It is possible there's still a problem somewhere, but to be honest you get used to the extra 20bhp over a 1.8 in about 10 minutes anyway so that may have already happened!

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