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Won't start


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Hi I have a 51 reg fiesta I bought salvage was rear end that's all repaired now my question is went to start it this morning it started then stopped and won't start now just spins over I've cleaned crank shaft sensor it has petrol in it so does Ny one have any ideas what it could be it's a 1.3 endura engine any help or ideas would be great I know it's asking a lot to diagnos over the net lol


Thanks for any help or ideas Andy

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Have you looked into the fuel cut off?


In most modern cars there is a automatic fuel cut off which is usually activated upon an impact to help prevent fire etc.


Could explain why it started... where it could have used the rest of the fuel in the line after the cut off and now it won't start as not more fuel is going through the line.


In some cars they can be very easy to reset once you've found the thing... Take a look through the manual if you have one!


PS.... if none of the above makes grammatical sense, it's because I'm tired... long weekend! (try and read it like you would if you read an essay written by a 5 year old!) :pancake:

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