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17 alloys


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do these fit ok to escort with out any mods ?


As long as they're pcd 4x108, 63.5 (bore) and offset between 30 and max 42. Be wary of Peugeot sized wheels as the offsets around 15 (think the wheel bore is different as well) they'll fit, with plastic spigots, but you may get issues. Never fitted any to an Escort myself though.


I had a bit of scrub on full lock so I got hubcentric spacers (there's someone selling some ford spacers in the for sale section at a decent price). My car is lowered 40mm though with an RS2000 rear beam (which is meant to lower the back end a further 10mm). After the spacers went on the wheels caught on the wings over bumps so I rolled the wings under and they're miles better now.

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