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rs2 how much


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Hit and miss really.


You still get some going for less than £1k. I would say up to £1500 and there's a good chance it will need some work. Expect a bit of rust here and there, and over £100k.


Above £1500 and they start to get a bit better, though you will still see over priced sheds of course. They should be a lot more solid in the £1500-2000 price bracket. Miles should be a bit more kind too. Once you get up to the £2000 mark, you should be seeing pretty decent cars.


Above £2000 is where the nicer ones tend to reside. Should be solid, without a bucket load of miles. Then it goes from there really, with the cleanest, low mileage examples being up for anything from £3500-4000. Of course some will doubt they're actually worth that, but it depends how bad you want one, and how clean a car you want. There's one on ebay at the moment for over £4k, but it's very very clean, and has a few nice bits on it.


All models seem to hold roughly the same value to be honest, there isn't a huge difference between them. A 4x4 is perhaps worth a bit more, but not always.


Good time to buy though, prices are only gonna go up now.

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I wouldn't say that's massively massively overpriced.


Yeah it's a lot, but it's only done 35k, which is stupendously low. It's in a rare colour, with lots of the options ticked. That's the sort of car that won't sell quickly, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone bought it eventually.


One with miles that low is definately a rarity now, so cars like that will command high prices more and more, as so many get turned into cheap track cars and the like. A bit over now, but I still think he'll get what he wants eventually, or not far off.

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Obviously you'd need to check to be sure, but that does look pretty clean. I would say that it's wholely possible that the mileage is accurate. Paint looks good, arches look tidy, no obvious scuffs or anything that the pictures show. Interior looks good too, though those seats never seem to photograph well for some reason. Matts let it down a bit, but it looks very good otherwise I would say.


Problem is, a GTI can be as absolutely clean as a whistle, mint as anything, but it will still never be worth that much, as it doesn't have the badge. Much like the RS Turbo/XR3i thing. It's really only an engine and some seats between them pretty much, but a very clean XR3i might make £2k, a very clean S2 would make twice that.


It's the same with these really. Both are good cars in their own away, but those two little letters make a BIG difference to value and collectability.

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Not hard to tune at all really, that's a myth. Just not so cheap as Zetecs and things as they're not so common.


Can get chips, exhausts, filters and all sorts, plenty of aftermarket cam options, off the shelf throttle body conversions. 2.3 swaps from the Galaxy. The problem is, people got so used to RS Turbos and Cosworths where you could just add a chip and gain 40bhp, that tuning an aspirated engine seems expensive by comparison, but it isn't really any more costly than any other aspirated car to tune.


It's obviously got the minerals, as the F2 versions were anything up to 280bhp in NA form, and there's been turbo examples with around 350bhp in the past!

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