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Few Mk6 Bits needed


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Curiass Front Bumper not so important right now




bendy pipe infront of rad




next is little bracket in corner of head light (for the offside if it makes a difference don't think it should)



and this is a hard one to explain


when you open your bonnet and you got that plastic bit which the grill is being held on by then that is screwed onto by another plastic bit well i want the Tiny lil clip that holds that onto the car i have tried to describe it so i got a photo and circled the Relavant part





wonder how much of it Wayne will have :)


Cheers Guys

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probs all of it :)

that little clip mate... good luck.. as most of them are fubarred when they come off..


Some escorts have a split plug, a clip that a screw goes into, which are perfect and dont break when removed, and re use time after time

or failing that get some the ones i got from my local ford dealer that fit a focus mk1 and cost 37p for all 4 :)

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