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picked this up last night to drive around in till i either fix my 3 door or get another decent one


its a 1.8 si




its clean enough with 54 thousand miles on it and tested till january and taxed till the end of november


dont really have any plans apart from fix the few niggle bits and drive it round


will get some more pictures later when i find my camera

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Got a mate that's letting me rob some parts off his amparo estate before he scraps it - you need anything?


And tell me you have a cover for the old skool escort - you can't keep it uncovered for the winter after you've just resprayed it!


its going to go to my dads work to sit in one of their units and get coverd up ove the winter months as i dont intend on using it that much but will bring it out every so often to keep everything sweet


as for the estate the only thing it needs is the covers for the screws on the spoiler


i might put my white rs wheels on it but i dont think they would suit it


the passengers side mirror need replacing but i had a spare one and swapped the covers on it to the original silver one


it does need a good clean inside and out

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got some skirts for a tenner from the scrap yard off a gti estate but the jacking point covers were missing but managed to get some different coloured ones for the rear but are still missing the front ones





the jacking point covers have now been painted silver and also i have replaced the caps on the spoiler that were missing

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Not bad for a tenner! Which scrappies? Im sure we've had this discussion before...


went up to bury to pimole lane, i went to see if there was a black escort for parts for my other car and came away with a set of skirts for this


the morretes and mondeo brakes came off a gti in AFOS in old trafford

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