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Electrical help!!

Mk6 Si Ross

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Just fitting one of them long bar lights with 3 spot lights on and this ones confused the crap out of me! the light is now permanently on when you turn the fuse box on, the switch does sod all so we've turned off the lighting circuit for the night and are sitting in darkness!!!


Light has a chopping block in with 4 positions

1. Live

2. Earth

3. Neutral

4. Loop/Switch?


I've worked out which is the switch from the red collar on the wiring and have the red+black in number 4.


the 2 blacks are in number 3


the 2 reds are in number 1 and t


the 3 earths are in number 2


anyone know what i'm doing wrong (apart from messing with rubbish i don't understand!!!) or have any ideas???


Many thanks

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call an electrician lol


got a pic of said 'block'? one/two/three way? do you have the matching switch?


infact reading that again - you've got it wrong either way.


one of your neutrals should be a live and your other lives should be going to the loop



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Without seeming negative have you read topic solutions on Evo before. Taking advice here could result in your last post on Evo. :innocent:



silver lining?


sorry??? would you care to explain????


back on topic........... all sorted!!!


the so called live was meant to be switch live (black one) then the non live/earth/neutral position was for the loop lives

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