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'93 Escort cabby


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Due to buying a new car, my cabby is up for grabs! its a '93 1.8 si (130hp) with rear disks, alloys all round, power hood and all the other Si toys, including a ravenflow wingback interior! its not in bad condition for its age, just basically needs a tidy up! There is a dent on the passengers wing and a few patches of rust, but it wouldnt take much to sort it out. As you'd experct, there are a few scuffs and scratches, but please bare in mind this is a 17 year old car! Its currently at around 84k miles (pic below), and the engine is in good condition. No knocks or rattles, and still pulls very well! I recently gave it a little service consisting of oil change, filter change, coolant change, spark plugs and air filter. Its also had a new battery recently. it has previously been undersealed and the underside is failry clear of rot. All tryes are good, the fronts were changed at the last MOT around months ago. The roof is in good condition, I was told upon buying it 6months ago it had had a new roof put on. The roof doesnt leak and it electric, along with all the windows.


Unfortunately, the tax runs out at the end of this month and will be SORN thereafter.


I paid just shy of a grand for this six months ago, and I'm only after £500 to see the back of this as I need the space for my car on the drive! It wuoldnt take alot to turn this into a nice summer runaround. Saying that, its well prepared for winter with heated front and rear screens, and the blowers warm up in no time.


Any questions, please email chris@xnorton.karoo.co.uk or call/text 07891266520


Located in HU13 area









NB. All tyres around around this condition



Thanks for looking! :cheers:

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