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HELP needed!


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Hello. New member and first post on the site. I own a mk6 rs2000 4x4. I have gone out for the day leaving my car on the drive. Whilst out my alarm has gone off, which my Dad has switched off. I have a scorpio Cat 1 alarm but he turned it off using the key before eventually using the Scorpio fob. I have come home and noticed the 20sec interior light was on as if a door was left open. I have checked all of the doors and the boot, which were all properly shut. Confused, I have switched the engine on and then the side and headlights. Upon doing this the front fog light has come on and I could not turn them off. There was also the warning beep like a door is open. I have then swicthed the engine on and off until the fog lights eventually went off but the beeping remained. It is pitch black and I am no mechanic so I have stopped messing, however the footwell lights are on and won't go off. Does anyone have any ideas about what is going on? Thanks in advance.
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