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Alot of escort spares


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I need these items to go so the price will be stated but i mind offers on the items that you want, items are not including postage


No pictures due to alot of items that i haven't had time to take photo's



1.6 Litre engine and gearbox with starter motor fitted 33k genuine miles - £100


Second hand samurai Body kit with a brand new unpainted front bumper rear bumper of a escort estate - £120


Front drivers door in amparo blue complete with glass and electric window mechanism - £25


Rear drivers side door including window and mechanism - £25


Black manual wing mirrors - £10


Amparo blue tail gate including spoiler no rust and has a scratch on the corner of the spoiler - £35


Amparo blue bonnet - £20


Alternator - £10


Aircon pump not sure if working so its a risk on your behalf due to the car having no aircon gas - £25


Radiator - £10


Aircon fan - £15


Brake lights standard - £10


14" Alloys x3 - £15 each image below



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yeah there em..do they have any scratches cracks..etc..?



just popped to the shed i could only find the brake lights and they are clean no cracking nothing as for the rear fogs last time i checked them they never had any damage either but i will pm you in the morning once ive found them

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Do the 14" Ford alloys still have tyres fitted. If so, what size tyres are they and how much tread left above the wear indicator on each one?






2 alloys have good tyres 1 alloy is illegal


i will get the tread depth tomorrow if you want pal


forgot to mention the tyre sizes are 185/60 R14

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the tyres on the wheels are as follow


alloy 1


outside : 4mm

middle : 4mm

inside : 4mm



alloy 2


outside : 3mm

middle : 3mm

inside : 3mm



alloy 3


outside : 7mm

middle : 7mm

inside : 7mm


also have a steel wheel at 14" which is 5mm if anyone is interested


as for the brake lights the lenses are in very good condition apart from one of the lenses that go into the tailgate the locater plastic sliders are snapped which i will repair before they go out but that wont cause any problems if its not repaired due to the lense being held on by a nut


i can provide pictures if need be

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