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track prepped escort estate breaking, few peformance parts


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right, im breaking the estate at the end of november. threads is here http://www.escortevolution.co.uk/forums/in...howtopic=138918


the cars located at dewsbury


the body is in great condition


most parts have only done 2-3 track sessions at shows so most parts are like new. wheels, brakes etc


car pic




list of parts available and prices


mint 16" team dynamics pro race 1.2 in black, fitted with near new toyo t1r's and anti theft dust caps £450




sorry that the tyre is dirty




hispec billet 4 callipers in red, 300mm grooved discs, ebc green stuff pads, custom braided lines, in nearly new condition apart from a bit of blistering on the inside of the calliper (close to £1k's worth) £500


see above pic and this one




racing spec lower arms and bushes, ideally need a powder coat to make mint but are fine (dont know the full details to be honest) £150




cobra daytona bucket seat,grey/black, runner and subframe. needs a bit of a clean £125




omp steering wheel and escort boss, almost perfect condition. £125




sparco gear knob and pedals, some surface scratches on the pedals and very light scratch on the knob. £40






aluminium front strut brace and stainless rear brace £60 each or both for £100






bonnet lifter with "turbo" engraved in them £30




5 door (fornt and rear door windows) plexiglass/perspex windows, driver window has holes. very minor scratch here or there £150




lockwood grill in black, couple of bits of flaking (looks like stainless underneith, so remove the paint and youve got a stainless grill) £40




halo headlights, perfect working order (black vinyl stripes will be removed prior to sale) £60






custom smoked rear lights, great condition. £60 or will do a deal on headlights and these








wizard of NoS dry kit, 8 lb bottle custom sprayed. 50bhp jet currenltey fitted, supplied with a 100 jet too. £350








adjustable weitec front coilovers, great condition. comes with springs. £200




stainless steel exhaust from after the cat.jap style back box, quite throaty. £200






stainless show cage, could be modified to fit hatch/van etc. £200








custom powder coated 15" space saver wheel, blue. never been used since being coated £70




feel free to make me an offer on any parts, most smaller parts can be posted or wrapped for a courier to collect or feel free to come down and collect yourself. im pretty busy during november-december so please be patient if waiting for parts to arrive.


i still havent 100% decided to break it completely but i am having the engine and ancilleries regardless.

i need to make sure i have most parts sold before i break it altogether, once we have agreed on a price for item/s plus postage where needed, i would like a £5 or 10% deposit whichever is greater (fully refundable upon MY desision on not to break)


i stand by whatever i sell so i try to be as descriptive as possible but i am human so if theres anything ive missed with any info please feel free to ask. all items are sold as seen so please ask what you need to know befroe hand.


i parcel everything up well and carefully as i know what most courier companies are like with their clumsyness and will post with tracking of some kind for peace of mind on your end aswell as mine (ive had people in the past give the "oh i havnt recieved it yet" even though its been signed for so dont try it with me.


theres also other bits fitted to the car such as a camera to record your track run, various bit of chequerplate (aluminium and plastic) to ad to the race theme, as you can see the car is fully liveried up.

so if anyones interested in making me an offer on the comlete car minus the engine, guages and dials. jsut pm me

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halo headlights, perfect working order (black vinyl stripes will be removed prior to sale) £60



Do these come with the necessary wiring etc.


If so, I would be interested if you are willing to post?




Hi rob, i beleive There plug and play but they will come with all the necasery parts to make them work.


Postage isnt a problem, will be £15

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hi peeps,


right ive had numerous emails telling me ive got some items advertised for too much. if your interested in buying them then submit your offer. if your not interested in buyign them then stop spamming me.


im prepared to listen to any offer and may even consider it, have you got anything of any interest to px/swap.


ill swap the halo headlights for some smoked ones or px for some morrettes

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ive had the headlights off today to remove the vinyl but upon removing it i found that the lenses have heat blisters from the projector lamps


piccies - look closely in the centre






damn shame really as other than that there fine


so offers really or there going back on the car


also took the bonnet lifters to pollish them today


before and after




and finished





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definetley breaking now,


weitecs, lockwood grill, bonnet raisers gone.


unavailable parts are, engine and gear box, dials and gauges


cheaper prices


wheels & tyres (lower treads now fitted) 350 ono includes anti-theft dust caps and mcgaurd locking nuts


brakes 400 ono


nos kit 300 (320 posted)


front and rear strut brace 50 each 80 pair (100 pair posted)


seat and subframe 100


rear lights 50 (60 posted)


windows 160 posted


pedals and gear knob 50 posted


steering wheel 120 posted


any thing else just ask, smaller parts can be posted


text me on 07813805791 for more info

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  • 4 weeks later...







rear brace


are sold


offers on anything else


want rid of it now


full shell will be available early feb,


will include front and rear bumpers (no tow cover), doors, bonnet, rear glass windows, boot. the rear axle will still be attatched but with no shocks or springs. there will be no front suspension or subframe.


will need a hydraulic arm lift to collect OR rear springs - front shocks, steering rack and wheel, subframe to collect with a car transporter.


its too good to scrap with minor bubbling on the rear arches and from what i can gather its pretty solid undernieth. good for a reshell?? definetlay looks the part.


make me an offer??

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