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haf cooler master gaming pc


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hi here i have a haf gaming pc, it was given to me from my dad, so just done abit of research and took some pics it was built by my dad to his spec, asus p7p55d pro mother board,processer;intel corei7 cpu 860 @ 2.80Ghz 2.80 Ghz graphic card; nvidia geforce gtx 260. full-hd 1.3 7.1 channel audio/video enhanced combo card, LG blu ray player LG disc drive.. logitech wireless keyboard. some spares, comes with all manuals and disks,windows 7 ultimate reason for sale neva use it, its just collecting dust .


Most of the parts in this machine are quality parts.


it has



asus Xonar HDAV1.3 sound cards


FSP Epsilon 1010W PSU


asus p7p55d pro


logitech dinovo edge keyboard


Even just adding up the second had prices of those, you are looking at £300 ish. Without even adding the graphics card, cpu, memory, blu ray drive, case, hard drives x2...




i have loads of pics can be sent




its not that old about a year, im located in derbyshire here is some pics cheers.. see for sale post for pics....

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