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Time for something other then Ford?


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Here is my Honda Civic Coupe, non Vtec, for now....


Anyway, i love it and bought it as i was sick of Fords.






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That looks like a really good example.

Thanks, it is a good example, it has had some engine detailing in terms of paint and polish, but i'm hoping to chuck a B16a Vtec lump in March.




These the ones with double front wishbone suspension?


Cant say Im overly keen on the rear bumper, but doesnt look too bad on the whole. Far worse bodykits out there.

Yeah, that's the ones.


I was always half tempted by one of these, but the lack of powerful engines in the couple always put me off. The kit isn't toooooo bad, these do pull off kits far better than Fords do. Needs some better wheels mine, and a 2.2 Prelude lump ;)

I'd like some better wheels, but they'll have to wait.


Like you say, not the quickest of things, however it'll do.

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Looks clean, and as said they do pull off bodykits better than fords, so its not offensively bad. Interior aint bad either. I think the exhaust placement wasnt considered with that rear bumper, that would annoy me a lot if it were my car

The exhaust has been replaced with a standard one for now, as the one in the pics was so loud, de cat, no middle section and a Rage backbox not ftw!

Any how i modd'd the standard rear box to sit out a little further so it sits in line with the kit.

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