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I need someone with Facebook, but who isn't on my friends list


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Will you please search for Liam Pearson, or go straight to my profile here:



Will you please take a print screen of my profile. I need to see what my profile looks like if you're not my friend i.e. what info is shown.


Yes, I know you can change stuff and what people see etc. but something happened at work (nothing bad - actually could land me a bird).


Please and thank you.



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Get yourself to Northumbria Uni mate, I work there now, it's absolutly crawling with the stuff! :pancake:


Went through there at the weekend on the way back from edinburgh. All i saw was battered mars bars and newcastle supporters with no shirts on.

Lmao Fcuk off :pancake: Instead of drooling over battered mars bars you should have came to the gym, that is where it's at! :baby:

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