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looking for a new car and found this


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Morning peeps,


as some of you may be aware my escort has been written off (accident), looking for another one, and found this, just wondered if anybody on here, or if anybody knows anything about it, sorry no photo.


red 1998 (s reg) escort 1.8 GTI, full service history, half leather, 93.000 miles, 790.00 quid reg S883 MRA


many thanks in advance.


Right an update, opinions wanted, being a tight fisted yorkshireman.

now running the wifes 1.2 punto, not the worlds best car, but it does for my 24 mile round trip commute, to work (we are not on a public transport route).

the wife does 6 mile round trip, and can get a lift 4 days a week, unless that person is on holiday, and probually beg steal and borrow lifts if need be, now to cut costs do we stay with the one car, or, get a small used, say 1ltr run around for the wife, and i keep the punto, on the other hand I would like to get another escort, and wayne (heavyrightfoot), has been in touch with a couple, and have got my eye on a couple of others, i am half and half save on the running costs of a second car, I want another escort, and save the hassle of the missus having to rely on lifts and give her, her independance, as in she can get out and about if i am at work and she is not, if it helps make your mind up, she is of the same mind as me HELP



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It's HPI clear.



Colour RED


Engine capacity 1,796 cc

Transmission MANUAL 5 GEARS

Fuel type PETROL



Report Created: 29/10/2010 08:40


Dealership: DUNDEE AUDI


Information supplied by Experian




Engine number


Date first registered in UK


Year of manufacture


Number of previous keepers


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Gonna depend on wether u can get decent priced insurance, afford the 200 quid tax and put enough rocket fuel priced unleaded in a month to be worth getting a 2nd car. Also got repair bills n mot time to take into account


fair comment, still undecided still ifs and buts

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