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mondy mk3 wont go in gear (sometimes)


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ok so i have a mondeo mk 3 2.0 td di (mtx75 gear box)


yesterday morning i got in the car put it in 1st to drive off but then had to put it in reverse as there was a car infront of me. for some reason it wouldn't go in reverse. it felt really stiff. it then wouldn't go into any gear at all.


But if i turn the engine off it goes into every gear fine.

i then started the engine again still wont go into gear. it felt like the clutch pedal wasn't pressed down


this morning it was still stiff with engine running

so with engine off i put the car into gear and hold the clutch pedal down then start the engine and drove down the road.

it was fine again, every gear was free


so i went round the block even stopped the car and started it again all fine


left it outside the house for about an hour and it went stiff again and couldn't get it into any gear



Any ideas?? could it be a clutch problem? gearbox? or something else?


cheers Froggy

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