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1:18 modified cars


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Does anyone on here do them?


Some may remember i started a model of my red and blue Escort years ago, i've just found it out again as I have nearlly finished my Megane model (Just the engine and decals to do).

Has anyone else made any? if so stick some photos up!


Ill add mine later :)

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Any reason for going 24 Marshy?

I choose 18 as its easier to work on IMO :)


Ill check that site out in a bit Rich :cheers:












Silver bits that dont come painted:



Calipers painted (still need to do Bembo decals- black paint)



Rear seatbelts made (and buckles done red)



Dealer sticker done:





Interior bits done silver (and wheel red line done)



To do:

Fit decals to replicate glass roof

Fit F1 roof decals

Fit front bumper F1 decals

Fit rear bumper F1 decals

Do Brembo decals

Wait for new alloys to arrive

Mod engine to look like the drve one

Try and get a new Renaultsport decal set (looking unlikely).

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no reason ian... just was there in shop when i went in.. plus have you seen some of the prices these go for?? :O

i may try starting it/them again in the near future..

i want some new wheels for the 24 maybe a rollcage..

but if i start an 18 then ill probs go full hog ;)

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