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Cooling Fan and Temp Gauge.


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I know this may sound like a daft question that should answer its self... but, what direction dose the fan spin? Is it mant to suck cool air into the engine bay, or suck the hot air out of the bay?


I think that its mant to suck cool air in from the front :unsure: , but mins not doing that.......


When i was changing the engine I had the fan, compleat with the rad, lying round the back of the house (in the rain).


When I got everything bult up and back where they were supposed to be, I started it up to bleed the rad and make sure thateverything was ok, everything was fine up intill the fan kiked in. It was spinning ok but with a really loud wooshing sound and also pushing the hot air from the engine bay out the front.


Also where dose your temp gauge sit at, when doing normal around town driving and when on a long constent drive on the motorway?

Anybody that could post pics of there gauges up would be a great help.


cheers, Stevo

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