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mk5 quad / morrette headlights


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I have a pair of quad headlights for a mk5 escort that I was going to fit to my mk6 (with other panels) to do a mk5 front end but have now decided against it so now selling.


I only have the outer lights as the inside lights were broken. the outer lenses are in good condition as you can see in the pics. the outer cover is also in good condition but will probably want painting if you want them perfect (or if your car is a diferent colour).


As far as i can see they just bolt on to mk5's although one side is missing the bolts (b&q supply the correct size) that atatches the lenses to the outer cover (the bit thats painted)


I have taken pics of them from various angles and of the imperfections.



























located in Penzance, Cornwall. ( TR20 )


I am looking for £100 collected or £115 posted.


Thanks for looking.

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