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Possible faulty EFI fuel pump???


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Hi all,


Looking for some advice on a Ford EFI fuel pump which I think may be playing up?


I have fitted a full RS1800 fiesta zetec setup into my MK2 Orion. The Orion started out as a 1.4L on a H plate. I replaced the standard fuel tank for a brand new EFI fuel injection tank fitted with the internal fuel pump. The car has been finished for the last few days, and I am currently putting the finishing touches to the conversion. But I have a strange noise that is coming from the rear/underside of the car when it is running. The car starts on the turn of the key and idles fine. But after a couple of minutes it runs rough and then cuts out. It restarts as before, and does the same thing after a couple of minutes.


The noise is a sqealing sound coming from the area of the fuel tank. So I am thinking the fuel pump. The tank has had 20 litres of fuel put in it, so not low fuel level. I did not notice this noise when I first got the car running. I have not used the car, just started it a few times so will still have plenty of the 20 litres of fuel in the tank. As I said the tank was brand new, but the pump was 2nd hand. But tested before it went into the tank.


Has any one had issues with these pumps? If the pump is on its way out, what are my options? Just buy a replacement or is there a better setup?


Advice would be appreciated.



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