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it's worth £800 ok


pretty nippy and with a 35-40mm drop and it'll handle like a go-kart. a decent cam, 4 branch and 57i induction kit and it'll rev all day long


very prone to rot in the chassis legs and in the boot. oh, and watch out for leaky sunroofs!


door cards always seem to pop off at the bottom for some reason as well but you can buy a packet of clips for around a fiver


carrier bearings in the back axle would give bother, make sure the top of the wheel isn't lying in towards the the body of the car.

if your axle is fucked, despite what some people say, you CAN use a drum brake axle from a 1.1, just beat the stubs out of it with a sledge and beat the ones out of the disc brake axle back in. i've done it many times

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