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Wheel shop please


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please could someone be nice to photoshop these wheels onto my car (testing the colour) and if possible could they do them in panther black also, and maybe colour code my side trim panther black and what you can see of the rear bumper trim in panther black also.. and if feeling extra generous, colour code door handles and smoke side reapeaters or do a clear, undecided on these also.








many thanks in advance

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think i'll just get my wheels done panther black that gunmetal grey dont look to good lol.. and sorry i meant the sideskirt bit doing panther black not door trim, my bad.. and back bumper just the black bit on bottom of it not whole bumper... and colour coded door handles if possible maybe smoke back lights to... sorry :innocent: Edited by jaykaddz
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anyone please? as getting it all done soon and dont want to get it done then have it all look not so good :innocent:

Just panther black wheels, sideskirt, rear bumper trim (lil black bit on bottom of it) and colour code door handles..

if feeling extra generous, smoke side repeaters and back lights, and maybe a clear set of side repeaters?

thanks to anyone who can help, extremely appreciated.

Edited by jaykaddz
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