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Domain Registration - Who Is Opt Out


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When you register a domain, you have the opportunity to apply to opt out of having your details displayed on a who is search. Only if your a non-trading UK individual. (for .co.uk domains)



So what can be done if you find a shopping site registered as a 'Non-Trading UK Individual' ?


Obviously "don't shop there" would be the top answer from most. But I'm not interested in that. I'm interested in any organisations that I can register a complaint with.


Or do I go directly to the domain registration company?

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You would contact Nominet.


Contact Customer Services


Telephone: 01865 332233


Email: support@nominet.org.uk

Thanks Stooooooooooo :thumb:


I have moaned at them... they got back to me within 2-3 minutes stating that they have investigated and have contacted the domain registrant... if they don't take any action within 5 working days. Nominet will remove them from the opt out... :cheers:

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