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Urgent Help ! Handbrake cable, Which side ?


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Working on car now, MOT due this afternoon.

98 Escort Si.

Fitting new rear section handbrake cable. Old cable, one side longer than the other. New cable, bought from Partco today is the same.

So, which wheel do the cables go to?

When old cables fitted, there was excessive travel with handbrake lever & not locking sufficiently, however the driver side locking far more than the passenger side. I would of thought to achieve even braking from handbrake, both cables would be the same?

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Answer to my own question.


The handbrake lever is slightly off centre, more on passenger side, I never knew that. So the longer cable of the two goes to the drivers side.

Initially, with old cables fitted the drivers side was locking far more than passenger side although not sufficiently.

I fitted new cables like the old ones, only for the same to occur. I then realised the handbrake is off centre and old cable fitted wrong.


And I didn't get my MOT done either !

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I assumed as the new cable has one side longer than the other and so did the old cable, all Escorts are the same.

From the inside, the handbrake maybe & looks like its mounted in the centre but in my opinion, from underneath, its slightly off centre. The handbrake cable threads through the lever on the passenger side and under the car it is secured to the floor off centre, more on passenger side, this accounts as to why one cable is longer than the other.

Take a look from underneath.

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