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Hi everyone

after some help converting my mk5 escort to run an rs turbo engine .

i have sourced the engine and all the parts that are required .

the main bit that is getting to me is the wiring loom .

the car at the moment is a 1.4 cfi cvh i was wondering if anyone noes how to go from the cfi to the mfi .

i no the loom will have to be taken out and the rs turbo loom put in but can anyone guide me as to what connections i have to make, i have an idea but am after a second opinion i think theres something like 4 wires from the mfi loom that have to be connected just curious as to where and the best way to do this.

This is probably a silly question but the red wire that goes to the pink ignition relay ,is that from the ignition switch and does it feed the ecus there power etc?

any feedback is appreciated.


many thanks

chris :thumb:

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The fiesta engine is technically a better starting point but it really depends on what your goals are. If you want < 200bhp then the erst engine and stuff is fine, although ancient and hard to find reliable parts now.
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will see what i can find as i dont have the car anymore


some i found



being wired in



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