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Passenger side window smashed/broken into - HELP ASAP


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Girl from Uni has just had her car broken into, smashed pass side window and ripped out head unit and taken sunglasses


Incase you didn't know, it's Fcuking PISSING down here in Newcastle, what is the best thing she can do to board the smashed window up before having it replaced? All I can think is gaffa tape some bin liners/black bin bags to the inside and outside of the window.


Police/Forensics have already been over and taken samples of the blood they left in the car so they told her she is free to clean her car up :cheers:


Advice needed a.s.a.p really as she obviously doesn't want a soaking wet car in the morning.


Liam :cheers:

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Ask your brother for a single mattress bag, slide it over the full door, close the door, job done :thumb:



That would be a winner, as would putting 3 sides of the bin liner round the lip of the door sol you put tape on the inside of the door so it doesnt get wet and start to peel

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