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New sprayed bumper but the rest of the car needs cleaning.


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Been a while since I posted on here.


I've got a mondeo st24 in pepper red. I've just had a new bumper sprayed. The only trouble is the rest of the car hasn't been sprayed. So to try to get the quality back so it doesn't look too out of place I'm gonna give it a proper clean and possibly more but I don't know the best option. I'm thinking of waxing or so

Something. I've seen and felt the result of good waxing and it's like new paintwork.


So what I need from you experts is, what is my beat option to get the rest of the car looking neat again, and what product to use.



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You could try 3m finesse it with a waffle pad on an electric polisher ( if you have acces to one ) This is a very fine compound which will remove light scratches and marks ( or farecla g10 will do the same) this should bring paint work back up again.


Another option would be dodo juice lime prime ( it's a pre-wax cleanser) my escort is pepper red I used it on that in the summer followed by a wax of your choice (I used dodo juice supernatural) the shine it achieved on my escort was great a really wet look shine, bit I did the lime prime with a electric polisher it does say you can apply it by hand also.


Sure there a few others on here that will give you great advice to or a different way to do it than I've said.

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id just have a go with t cut to be honest, on a microfiber pad and do it by hand. you can buy from cleanyourcar.co.uk an abrasive pad thats designed for use by hand, which would be better. or alternatively get it machine polished.


i brought a faded red bonnet up nicely with t cut by hand (and elbow grease ofcourse!!)

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