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Looking for NEW Rotordiscs to my ESSI (saw shape)


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I have a big pleading to anybody of you who know where I can buy a set of NEW ROTORDISCS to give me an information or tel. number to the shop where they are avilabile and they can send it to POLAND! I have check it all the sellers on e-bay who had this discs, shops in internet and nothing. I can even buy it from somebody here but they must be new and in this parameters: FRONT: 300x24mm from Ford Focus ST 170 98-> and REAR: 270X10mm from Ford Escort RS 2000 4X4 93-96.


Here is link what I'm looking for: http://www.dtmpower.net/forum/attachments/...or_disc_big.gif


Please guys help me to find it becasue I want them so bad in my car!


Sorry for mistakes and GREETINGS from polish Ford Escort Fan Club!

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