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Modified front bumper


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wanting a bumper for the front of a mk6 as a rabbit just wiped mine out completely on the one I'm trying to sell.


I'm working off a small budget as the car is to be sold, so let me know what you have and a price in mind and we can maybe work something out.




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bad enough for me to work out that the cossie bib is for a std bumper not a fogged bumper and its been butchered to fit.......

Also bad enough that its cracked and split it right up over the top line of the fog lights,

Would have just been fibreglass damage but for some reason the bumper looks like its been previously cut up for some reason, its just beyond repair :(

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oh thats a shame matey!! could always get a new bumper with a bib or find a wrc one or other custom bumper around somewhere.


you could just put the car to standard and sell the other bits on maybe mate? just an idea to throw in if you're struggling as gti/rs2000 replicas are always popular

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