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My loverly missis (after months of bugging) finally bought me an xbox... She rung me from argos telling me she had one and complained how expensive they had got...


She got home and the din had got me the new style box with kinect... I wasn't gonna correct her! :)


So wired it all up, cursed cause microsoft are to tight to include a HDMI cable and a headset!


Went through the set-up and updates etc and away we went..


Kinect is Fcuking AMAZING!!!! I don't see how people can compare it to a wii or the new ps3 thing, you can kick, punch slap, head butt etcetcetc your body is the full controller... It even shows you doing a wainscoting world "shawing"


It's immense, unless you have a go you wont understand how good it is! There is nothing else in the world that compares to it!


And the fact it secretly takes pics of you while your playing and shows them to you Fter the game so you can see how stupid you looked is a touch of genius.


An hour playing and you feel like you have done an hour at the gym... Not even tried the fitness game yet!


Finally realized why you no longer get a headset as well, the kinect is your microphone, and it's really clear! Even though it's 6 foot away it picks up everything you say without having to shout... Only downside to that is the opponents voices are played through the Telly and not so clear to hear.


All in all... It's amazing and I would recomend it highly


Give us a shout if you wanna try before you buy! :)

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How much did M$ pay you to post that? :pancake:


They gave me the choice of a boat... or the mystery box... I went for the box!


An hour playing and you feel like you have done an hour at the gym... Not even tried the fitness game yet!



Brb, being made redundent because of Xbox Kinect.


When you have a go on one your see what i mean... T*at lol

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got this today and its good and great fun, but:


the lag between you doing something and the on screen avatar doing is frustrating to put it mildly. take the racket ball levels for example.


if someone walks in front of you it goes a bit tits up and tries to enter them into the game.


facial recognition requires you set it up in morning afternoon and night to work properly other wise its bit hit or miss on picking you up.


I think that once i play around with positioning the sensor bar and the calibrations for facial recognition it will be a lot better

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Get a wall bracket and put it 6 foot up on the wall... Its the best angle. The best wall brackets are from game, they're£17.99 with free postage.


Think you have to get them online though as I don't think they have them in store.


Not noticed any lag, might be the angle.

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R.I.P. Wii, Kinect sports is fantastic, Soccer is a bit iffy but the track and field is great


Its definatly a wii killer innit...


Have you got your kinect up high or low? When its up high it sees all of your body better so makes the kicking games easier!

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