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Student Protests in London


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Am I the only one that thinks the riots are idiotic? You get loans to cover the fees anyway only start paying it back when you're earning. And even then it's a small percentage.




that's the common sense way of looking at it. Unfortunately, it seems, that is at an all time low.

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Though I see what you're saying, to just suddenly hike the fees up three fold is a bit excessive. Especially when they've already tripled in the last five years. It's a bit hard to swallow when; if you live in Scotland, you don't pay any fees at all.


The higher education system definately needs a kick up the arse, but I'm not sure it's the way forward. They need to be cutting back places, cutting all these total non-subject degrees out. We have so many people getting degrees in psychology, sociology, media studies etc etc, and there just aren't enough jobs.


On the subject of the protests; well, it's just embarrassing to be honest. Those who are causing trouble are just being stupid. Though I do wonder how many of them are actual students. There seems to be reports of an awful lot of kids involved in the troublesome events, which makes me wonder if part of it is down to gangs of young yobs getting in on the action.

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I hope that's meant to be ironic.



Now that's just pedantic.

You're welcome.


Am I the only one that thinks the riots are idiotic? You get loans to cover the fees anyway only start paying it back when you're earning. And even then it's a small percentage.


Earning above the national average income, too. Basically, once a graduate earns more than the average national income, everything above the national average income will be taxed at a (comparatively) low rate.


Scandalous! making them pay for the reason they earn more than average, n all. Still, glad I got it all done before the first round of top up fees.


Stupid Fcuking *undergraduate* students.

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btw, the rate of payment above £21k is 9% on everything over £21k


Interest is charged on the loan varies depending on wage, with people just over £21k at 0% interest and graded upto 3%+inflation for people earning £41k a year or more.


Not an unfair system.


So, what you're saying, is that you don't give a rubbish now it doesn't apply to you? :nutter:


Not at all, Im saying that it is a fair system and I was lucky enough to go through uni before these rises came in, as is everyone who is in now or this september.


We cant have 40% of higher education leavers in further education, the number just dont add up.

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But is this the way to tackle the issues?


The problem isn't that uni is too cheap. The problem is that there are too many people going, because it's the 'done' thing. Emphasis needs to be put on vocational training, rather than a job as a mechanic, electrician, plumber, bricklayer etc being seen as a job for a thick person.


In my view, universities need to be hacked back massively. If you go to university, it should be to become an engineer, teacher, nurse, doctor etc etc. Places on courses like psychology, sociology, games design, media studies and all the pointless rubbish that people are doing should be capped at realistic levels. We shouldn't have thousands of graduates who have no qualifications that are useful in the real world. Most of them only end up working in supermarkets or offices, which they could have done without a degree in computer games design.


I find it unlikely that this will have a dramatic effect on numbers going to university, but just line the pockets of the universities. It's all well and good saying that graduates earn more money, so are able to pay back into the system, but most don't end up in the jobs to earn big money.


The whole education system is totally inbalanced in my opinion.

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To be fair, I haven't given this too much thought (as it doesn't apply to me now) but it does actually make sense.


As caled has already explained, the fees are paid back if you earn over the national average, and only on the earnings above £21k. I doubt many of the students rioting and basically acting like f*cking idiots know the ins and outs of how it actually works.


If I was about to go to University knowing that, I wouldn't give a sh*t that the fees were £9k. I'm not going to pay it back unless I get a decent job and am earning so what's the problem? Plus they don't even touch the first £21k.


And the fact the fees are high might deter the students who want to study joke courses like Media Studies.

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I imagine thats the point, rather than chopping the universities up directly (which, by the way, the government doesnt have the right to do - it can withdraw funding via the research councils but cant decide what course a university offers), it can discourage people from going to uni to do stupid courses.


The point in offering this 'free' society of ours is that everybody should have the right to go to university, it happens to be that 40% of people are doing. And the previous government, having decided that 50% of college leavers should be in university (fcuk knows where the pulled that number from), decided that they werent going to pay for it all and so introduced tuition fees, and then top up fees. Now the recession has come along, money needs chopping and theve decided the axe has to fall on the teaching allowances paid to the universities (note: thats not the same pot of money that the research comes from, thats been frozen).


Of course, we can always make university free and simply put up tax. That way, EVERYONE pays for the university. Dont be of the opinion that it is free, its a simple choice of who pays - everyone or the people whom directly benefit. Easy choice, if you ask me.

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