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quick mk3 mondeo question


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since youchaps on here are more friendly than most other ford forum ive tried can anyone tell me thelocation of the CTS on a 2.0l petrol mondeo ? im not infront of the car at the minute and im having to relay the info to my dad :nutter:


For the gauge or for the ECU?


Try this:

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well, thermostat swapped but car still only gets to halfway on the temp gauge ? no warm/hot air in the cabin either - any ideas people ?


the fan works fine tho

:innocent: no expert on this, but you might want to drain the system and flush then refill, it sounds to me as though it might be an air lock, but as said no expert, sorry for late response.

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Half way on the temp is ok, mine never goes over that. Its not actually an analogue gauge, it won't show you fluctuations just when its gets too hot or too cold. Its to stop people worrying all the time. it'll tell you if there is a problem. wanna know the exact temps? do this:




No hot air, thats something i can't help you with. Sorry.

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