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engine bay smoothing


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hi i am desperate to smooth my engine bay. i know how to smooth the body but how to hide all cables and rubbish im stuck? any help also thinking of lowering my mk6 30-40mm are there any probs with it bottoming out? thanks



theres no real skill to engine bay "smoothing"


various cable tidy type products are available online to clean up the appearances of cables and wires (braided or silicone cable covers for instance).


but, if your looking to minimize the visual presence of the cables and wires you can allways extend the appropriate wires to allow you to drop the wires out of sight and additionally reposition certain wiring terminations such as bay relays that would othersie be randomly out seemingly in the middle of no wheren on the bays sides.


hoses however are a different ballgame as it can get expensive to have hoses custom made to your own specification and re-routing hoses can cause reduced fluid flow also.


beyond that a subtle paint job can work wonders on the different engine components.

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if you want smootness and cable tidyness it would probably be better if you get a custom loom made up so that all the wires are minimal and hidden from view, but its going to cost a fair bit to produce a brand new loom!


you can try some budget type cable tidies and give that a shot, i know stevemo is selling a custom smoothish rocker cover for cheap you can always get that repainted, have you still got the standard air box? if so take that out and you can customise that like i did mine, just sand it down till theres no raised areas, then use filler primer sand that down and paint according to what you like, also roose motorsport do a smooth intake pipe for about £100, you could always get their coolant and ancillaries kit as well for smoothness compared to standard, and you can add some engine bay parts from the likes of auto specialists etc

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