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mk6 saloon modded pic request!


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hi guys and girls im looking to tastfully mod my car and am looking for some inspiration. i would like to know if gti sideskirts will fit and what rear bumpers will fit also. i am on the lookout for a saphire cosworth rear spoiler as these look good on the old orions.




any help apreciated



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Hi Lee,


GTi skirts will fit a saloon, most things will fit from a hatchback (apart from behind the rear doors)


There's not much available in the way of rear bumpers though :(


Have a look at some of my image galleries: http://www.orioncosworth.co.uk/index.php?module=galleries

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Couple of my old ones:


1.6 Ghia






2.0 Ghia






Couple of others from my laptop:
























Plenty there to get inspiration from!


I think simple works quite well. You can fit any Escort skirts, and obviously the front end is the same. Seats and things, door cards can all be robbed from five door models too, so interior modifications are easy. The mechanicals are generally the same too, apart from exhausts of course.


Rear bumper choice is somewhat limited though. There are two RS accessory ones. The black P plater above has one of them, and the other is for earlier Orion models, so you'd need the Orion bumper to fit it too, which may not quite work on the MK6 so well. Outside that, you could get a Cosworth style bumper at one time (pictured above on one of the silver car), but I don't know if anyone still makes it. The other option, as on the last car pictured, is to keep the standard bumper and fit some spats to it. The ones on that car came from a Volvo S40. Pretty easy to get them to fit. They're mounted a touch high on that one, but with a bit of fettling, you could get them sitting nice, and with some RS accessory or GTI skirts, would look quite good I think.


Saph spoiler fits easily too. I used to have a J plate Orion with one, and will be fitting one to my M plate saloon at some stage too, when I crack on with the other body work changes of course!

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