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Backwards compatibility


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Im confused what you want here?

xbox or xbox360?

emulators for what?

Liive is free for updates and such things, you only need gold for the online gaming.

Im assuming your meaning 360 and wanting to play old xbox games?

Are your games genuine copy's or backups?

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blow the dust of your old xbox and plug it in?


kinda defeats the object then.




And yes Pete, wanting to play original xbox games on my 360, they are genuine games and not copies.



Didn't realise i hadn't mentioned the formats lol



Cant be a 100% sure of the source but I believe it was on one of the countless leaflets I got with my Elite system that said that the two lowest version systems of the 360 were incapable of playing original xbox games while the higher spec ones were pre-installed for the task, that may have implied a hardware difference rsther thsn s software difference.....what version system do you have?

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What version?

I have no idea, i plug it in, stick a game in and play :) how would i find out? I've never bothered to look into anything system related on it, all i know atm is its white with a 60gig hd



hmmm, well originally there was 3 versions,


arcade (which is the budget version without HDD or HDmi}


Base (as arcade but with 60GbHDD but no HDmi)


Elite (120HDD, HDmi, Xbox original compatability)


the first two where commonly white the Elite was black, but!, I beleive there was later variants of all 3 leading upto the new shapes release.

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Oh i see, i think mines the elite, I'll have to check, its got hdmi but only has a 60gig hd? Anyway i can check how 'new' it is, manufacture date or somethin, as i bought it off ebay

60Gb, HDMI... if it's white it could have been a Pro or Premium if it has a silver tray.


If it's black is an Elite... with a 60GB HDD.


If it's white with a white tray it's an Arcade with a 60GB HDD



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Yea its white with a silver tray. But still needing ideas how i can play my old games :(



sounds like yours should be capable.


what you need to do is link it up to the web, sign into a silver account(thats the free one) and slot in a xbox original game, if your system doesnt have the appropriate software to play the game its likely the system will then request permission to be allowed to download the appropriate software to play the game (again free)


and that should sort it :thumb: .

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Ok cheers, I'll give that a try,

Just the way my xbox is installed into my house its gonna be a bloody nightmare to remove the cable from my tv, I've not got interweb at my place see :(



well it only needs plugging in once, then you can put it back were you usually have it.


not got a mate handy who has theirs already hooked up online?


that way you could just quickly whip his box wires out, slot yours in, do the update and put everything back, shouldnt take more than 10m's tops for a small software package.

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