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My New Escort si

Derek Millington

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My girlfreind used to own a clio 1.2 so i had to make a change,

has i have a mk 4 escort eclipse in blue and 2 escort vans being a ford fan i though that louise needed a better car with four doors which would also help with having a daughter.


So i seached for a nice blue or silver si so that we could slowly modify it to look like a gti.


Heres a few pictures.




added some new wheels and crome grill.



Some clear rear lights but the centre lights where broken, not a problem because im thinking of spraying them red just to make a little chage.notice the clio? (ready for sale)lol






Found a backbox of a forus at ford fair for £20.00 made a few adjustments but fitted in the bumper nicely







Just looking for some more idears and sideskirt ect so any comments or idears welcome thanks for looking.

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Sooner the better just awaiting to get the paint. lol it looks very chavy

im looking for a front splitter cheep lol any idears..


and i must say has im into older mk4 escrots this was for the girlfreind but after driving it on holiday ive been very pleased with its performance (bold tyre on the front) lol still girlfreind car not mine!


is their anything you can get for the zetec engine to help it alone? with out getting to technicall?

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1.8 Si's can be either 105 or 115 ps. There's nothing simple you can do to them to make them noticeably quicker.


was just thinking maybe air filtter and samco hoses which will also help the look.

getting some eibach lowering springs and some some superflex bushes to help the handling abit.


any idears on the lowering side of things would help not to sure how low to go lol the girlfreind may take out all the speed rams lol

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Changing the air filter will do nothing for performance, unless the current air filter is blocked.


I can supply Powerflex poly bush kits if you need something, be sure to order before 1st Jan though to avoid the VAT hike.


Any lowering you do will negatively affect the handling, but if you must I wouldn't go any lower than 30mm below standard. H&R make decent springs. I can supply cheapies, Apex, if you want something average.

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Ive Got a freind who is sorting me out with the bushes and have already ordered the eibchs 30 pro kit, thanks tho,

has its just the wifes car im not going to over the top, just looking like a gti would be great wiht a few mods so its still ideal for a family car realy.


Because their a cheep car to do up and so many parts and upgrades avaiable im trying to convince to wife/girlfreind in letting me have a gti or rs2000 lol


have seen some great idears and cars change from standered to become a nice bit of kit on this forum i may even just get a old snotter and build on it..

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Just a quick update the the si got some nice skirts and rear bumper with spats in the same blue thanks to gtispec Cheers pal!


Rear bumper going on,








Half leather seats next......


Any one know where to get wind deflectors????

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