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Amparo blue bump strips for an estate


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I've got some for a 5door hatchback, also got some GTi skirts in that colour.


Not sure if the bump strips will fit, but if i get chance tomorrow I'll offer them up to my Estate and let you kno.



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that would be great, i think the 5 door ones will be the same size. are they properly painted or rattle canned? i am hoping for some properly painted ones as i could rattle can my own but prefer the genuine thing. i already have the skirts just have'nt got around to fitting them yet, sort of a winter project this car as it is just sat in my garage at the mo gathering dust
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yeah there the genuine thing, There in my 3door Escort which under 2feet of snow at the moment lol. I'll dig them out as soon as i can.


They came off a GTi, which had accident damage.

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