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3door MK6 Escort.


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Anybody after a solid 3door Shell?


the big end when't in my 1.4CVH Escort, The shell is very tidy and solid.


if anyone is intrested and would like pics please PM your number and I'll send you them



it's mot'd till Augest. Car still runs and drives just knocking


offers around £300??

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It's pepper red, Theres a bit of surface rust on chassis rails but i poked it with a screw driver and it just scrape's off.


The arche's are solid rust wise, passenger side is scuffed from a previous catching a wall or somthing but theres no rust,


Sill's are just starting to bubble, but no holes. When i first bought it i had it over a pit and TBH it's a good one just a shame the engine packed up after 15miles of ownership :(

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