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Thought with all the snow, some of you must have taken a quick snap of your motor? I know i have so ill start the ball rolling.


Heres my Escort cabby looking rather chilly...




Based in SE Kent and only had snow the last 2 days...just started to get worse too!


Heres my work after the 1st night of snow, dread to think what its going to look like tomorrow (day 3)



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OOOhhhhh no im happy I actually hate the snow :)


we have a tiny bit at the moment it started a little while ago and it has not even made a cm deep lol


but im sure i will wake up to loads tomorrow,I find it the surrounding areas have it like,Kent<Surry and Essex all have it bad and we have none :)


I look forward to seeing your pics,Like looking at the stuff thats about as far as it goes lol :)

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Looking good Hicksy! Check this out for some overnight snowage though haha












Now my original photo looks like a light dusting!


Come on EVOers, lets see whos car is deepest in snow. I know its worse up North and Scotland so bring on the pics! :thumb:


Im off to play in the snow as no work for me! :cheers:

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