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mk5 van engine swap


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Hi, im new on here and ive got a mk 5 van with a 1.4 petrol, and want to swap it but what engines would be a straight swap with what ive got now, and what does it involve to swap them? should i buy a whole car and swap all the bits straight over?





its all dependant on model of engine you currently have?




cvh carb


cvh pte

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dumb question. im not sure, how do you tell?



compare in haynes front pages or just pop a pic up.


off google, do any of these ring a bell?,


Zetec Efi, most common and come in ranges 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0L which are all relatively simple interchangable engines.



Zetec-E, variant of the above.



Cvh Efi, older type engine with electronic ignition, the 1.4 Pte versions looks very similiar but has a single air intake over the cam cover and doesnt split into two


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Its a 1.4 so will be CVH, or PTE what ever they want to call it.........a 1.6 CVH would be the easiest swap over



theres a 1.4 zetec aswell, I believe thats what Liams cars is.


never made an escort with a 1.4 zetec... only focus' and fiestas?


I could almost bet Ive seen one in a escort, are you sure they were never in later models?

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majority of the later models were 1.6's, if it was a 1.4 as said it would have to be an se which ive never heard of one in an escort.



probably me gettin muddled up somewhere then.


ah well, if its a cvh Pte he's definetly ok for a straight swap to a 1.6cvh Efi or even a RSTurbo.......least that bit Im positive of, because my 1.6cvh Efi is currently sat in my shed waiting to replace the 1.4Pte in mine :pancake:

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Just have a look on eBay mate for either an xr2 or xr3i breaking, usually loads of 1.6 cvh engine around.

I'd be more inclined to buy an old 1.8 escort and just swop the lot over, easy, quick and relativly cheap way to get abit more uuummmph :thumb:

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