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300 hi-spec brake set up & 16" team dynamics pro race in blac


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hi spec brakes and team dynamics alloys.


brakes are a 300mm set up


billet 4 callipers, powder coated red


300mm grooved discs


ebc green stuff pads


braided hoses


calliper carriers, no drilling needed


loadsa meat on the pads and hardley any wear on the discs, bit of surface rust due to lack of use.


ive got a receipt for them totalling £700


£400 deliverd ono









the alloys are team dynamics pro race in black, 16". theyre fitted with 205/45r16 tyres


the alloys have some very light surface scratches from cleaning but are kurb and buckle free.


2 of the tyre are in good condition with 5mm of tread, 1 has about 3.5mm and the last is close to the limit with amout 2.5mm


im including a set on richbrook anti-theft caps and a set of mcgaurd locking nuts.


i can wrap for your own courier if needed.


£375 ono


















pm me for any more details

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the lower arms are these














non-adjustable but heavy duty. dont know who made them (ive been asking on various sites)


erm, offers?

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£55 :P ? lol


pmsl :D


ive had them advertised a couple of times where people were having them and then back out so pm me what your seriously prepared to pay as im not naming a price as ill just use them myself. after failing selling them i decided to use them


p&p will be £18 as there quite heavy

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Let me know if the arms sale falls through


i'm sure my feedback speaks for itself :)


no probs mate, id stand by your word anyways as you have a lot of respect from the other staff on .. :thumb:


Let me know if the arms sale falls through


i'm sure my feedback speaks for itself :)


no probs mate, id stand by your word anyways as you have a lot of respect from the other staff on .. :thumb:


sorry, it was blanked out!! ill say "another site" then :D

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