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2011 Drag Race & Events Dates at Shakespeare County Raceway


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With a new drag racing and event season just around the corner may we take this opportunity to present you with a timely reminder about our quarter mile drag racing and Public Track Day show events taking place at Shakespeare County Raceway, Warwickshire in 2011 which may be of interest to your forum members!


Shakespeare County Raceway 2011 Race & Event Schedule:


April 2nd/3rd – Public Track Day RWYB Season Opener & Gamblers Race

April 16th/17th - Public Track Day RWYB & Gamblers Race

April 30th/May 1st – Public Track Day RWYB & Gamblers Race

May 14th/15th – MSA/ACU Springspeed National Drag Races

May 28th/30th - Yanks Weekend & Big Bucks Gamblers Race

June 11th/12th - Public Track Day RWYB Weekend, Shakey Super Pull & For Ladies That Launch

June 25th/26th - NSRA Nostalgia Nationals (for pre ’73 cars only)

July 9th/10th - Public Track Day RWYB Weekend & British Mini Showdown

July 23rd/24th – Public Track Day RWYB & Gamblers Race

August 11th/14th - Bulldog Bash Bikers Festival

August 27th/29th – MSA/ACU Open Sport National Drag Races

September 16th/18th - NSRA Hot Rod Drags (for pre ’73 cars only)

October 1st/2nd - Public Track Day RWYB Ford Weekend & Gamblers Race

October 15th/16th - Public Track Day RWYB Weekend & Gamblers Race

October 29th/30th - Halloween Bonfire Burn-Up RWYB Weekend & Gamblers Race



Why not subscribe to our Mailing List to receive all the latest news and event schedules from Shakespeare County Raceway by completing our Contacts form on the official track web site: http://www.shakespearecountyraceway.co.uk, or join our ever growing Shakespeare County Raceway group page on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/gr...gid=42098642965. Hopefully we’ll see you at the strip in 2011!

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