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Anyone here on WAZE??? free traffic reports n Sat Nav

Mk6 Si Ross

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Its a really good little app, available on Itunes and Android


"What is Waze?

Waze is a social navigation application that's available for a range of GPS-enabled smartphones including the iPhone, Android phones, Windows Mobile and Symbian OS devices. If enough people here in the UK start using this, it could be an amazingly useful and powerful service.


Rather than your standard sat-nav app where you drive from A to B on a specified route, drive with this app, and the data gathered goes to build an accurate map of roads, junctions and average speeds.


If you see a jam or a traffic cam, press a couple of buttons, and other drivers can see what's going on in real-time. A great idea, and it's working well in the US, but over here, the road coverage is pretty thin"


The more people use it the better it'll get, i put a pic up yesterday on the M1 of a 7.5 tonne on fire and reported it as an incident on the M1 before any of the emergency services turned up!!!! It also has a FREE sat nav bit too.

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"press a couple of buttons" .... hmmmmm not very convincing


I can see it being a rubbish load of menu's, would be much more convincing if they said "press 1 button" Press 2 buttons"


Good idea but Fcuk that, i'd personally be too lazy


Its not that bad to be honest. You click Report and it takes ur gps position then you press which incident it is, eg traffic jam, police camera van or general hazard then u write a brief description about it.

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downloaded it... nobody has drove within 10 miles of me


That's what it was like when I downloaded it. It warned me of a speed camera that was 328km away.

It's a good idea in theory but different altogether in practice.


mind you..there seems to be some police activity 3163 km from my location ...unsure what...seems to be in french...( maybe )

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