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sorry to be a pain - rs2000 info related search

fresh dfm

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Hi guys, bin a while since iv visited logged in so hope all is well,


Im not having much luck in searching for information regarding the pros and cons between the escort rs2000 FWD and 4x4 versions.


So far iv read that the 4x4 version is slower due to power to weight ratio but thats as detailed as iv come across, can anybody throw me in the direction of a good thread with detailed advantages and disadvantages and any specific information useful when choosing between the 2wd and 4wd?


many thanks



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4x4 is slower in a straight line, but that's where the disadvantage ends. With a competant driver, the 4x4 is a very, very good handling car (unless someone has cocked it up by fitting crappy suspension).
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I own 2 2wd RS2000's. Never had an 4x4 yet, will try get one before they go up myself.


I can't compare it tbh. But, if you like to gun your cars a bit then the 4wd won't last as long. Parts for the 4WD system are pricey.


If your not on there site, I'd advise joining up. (www.rs2000-16v.com) weath of info and worth the £10 to gain acess to sales section on cars and stuff for sale.

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