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lets just say Im about to get hold of a silver top ecu....


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Its coming out a 2L silvertop Mondeo with a fraggled engine.


Im not yet sure of its code yet but whats needed along with it to make it a sellable prospect?



oh and were the feck is the mondy ecu located, drivers side above kick panel??

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Injectors/rail, MAF


That's it!


This is assuming your question is aimed at people wanting to do 2L conversions, in which case only early ECU's are sought after.



its a Mk1... thats pretty early :pancake:


and aye thats exactly what I needed to know.


is the ecu were I think it is?

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it needs to be a manual one as well, they are accessed from under the bonnet iirc like on the mk3 fiesta? can't remember its years since i removed one, the throttle body and maf are also of some value



manual you say?........



dammit, its in a auto estate, I didnt expect there to be a difference!?! :glare:

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Now you know what thought did.



made my head itch?....tho that might be the flea's!


ah well, twas all gonna be free so Ive noy exactly lost out.... any of the other bits worth grabbin without the ecu?

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