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The Gwa's parts now on eBay


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Good news about the motor, a very polite gentleman bought it off me, sent it and now its eventually returned back to my home address.


Both are on ebay and will wait till they end, you never know, you may get it cheaper! Im not a huge fan of taking things off Ebay. Will post to the Amazon Rain Forest as long as Royal Mail actually deliver my stuff this time.


roby124 - I will try and get some pics for you tonight, on my works computer at the moment.

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Ive had a change of heart, will maybe see if I can put a Buy It Now on eBay.


Here's some pictures for rob124 (courtesy of Matman and MDA Motorsport)






You will need to buy an adaptor plate form Ferriday or you can buy a cheapo off eBay. I dont think the ports are matched with the ebay products. Failing that you can cut the flanges off and weld some on from a cast inlet, for example the 130ps HO inlet. Tig weld of course.


I reckon it would far easier and cheaper to make your original throttle body to fit, would be a case of some fabrication work.


Im not completely 100% on how to make this fit/work, just passing what knowledge I have to hand.


Cheers, Ryan

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I will send you a PM when this forum lets me, doesnt seem to let me send them one after the other, but basically aye you can collect it today or tomorrow, whenever suits?



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