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Do you lose the points when you prestige? Has he prestiged yet? (I havent so dont know)


Or has he spent them? (Does he know that EVERYTHING you do classes as spending them, including editing your playercard, my playercard has cost me upwards of 20 grand)




he Has prestiged but says its not that and he says he hasnt spent them

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So, apparently its a double XP weekend this weekend, I was on it the other day and it said it was upcoming, but now it is the weekend (4-6 feb) and I've not noticed myself earning double XP...Does it only come into effect at a certain time?


Dont no when it came into effect, but its deffo double now the other half is on it now. :nutter:

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Little logo by your level on the lobbies (instead of the 5 stars you have now)

Ability to re-do challenges (10 killls with an M16 = XP, 100 kills etc)

At prestige 10 (I know, we'll never see it) you can change the colour of your clan tag (wow wee)

An extra custom class every now and again (Im prestige 1 now so have 6 custom classes)

And I think there may be some playercard banners that are only for prestige people (but I imagine a lot of them will require multiple prestiges)


I'm gonna stop at prestige 1 level 50, I miss the commando too much,but due to the double XP weekend it wont be long until i unlock it again, made it from level 46 to prestige 1 level 14 in just a few hours yesterday

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