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winter clean


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as escorts coming off road in couple of weeks to have some paint work, wheels refurbs done, gave it a clean today get rid of all the recent weather contaminents ie salt, so thought id put few pics up.









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Looking good, but that's got to be the last pic of clean arches you'll get, surely they're starting to bite the dust?

Thanks Liam, no the arches mint no signs of any rust at all, only rust is where the quarter panel joins the roof, which is goin to be shot blasted, epoxy primed, re-sealed and painted.

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Very nice, wish mine x plate was that tidy!


the wheels look in good nick already! :innocent:

Thanks mate, wheels are clean just got few kerbing marks on them which I want to sort out, think they stayed so clean with lots of wheel sealant on them :-)))))

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the arches on my p reg 3 door look like that


are you going to mod it at all or leave it standard?

Na was gona leave it standard, as so many u see have been modified thought it would make a change to see a standard one thats not been touched :-)))

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